Monday, June 30, 2008

Tuesday League starts this week - July 1!

We're back at Pinckneyville for the Tuesday league starting tomorrow!

Week 1: July 1st
8:00 Biscuit Oilers vs Below me Scorekeeper: Rory
9:15 Biscuit Oilers vs Camel Toe Scorekeeper: Fogel

The rest of the schedule is available here. Check out the rosters, too, so you know which team you're on.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gladiators Opening Day Game

Hey Guys,

I'm looking to put a group together for the Gladiators 2008/2009 Opening Day game. It's October 18th at 8:35pm vs Mississippi. Please E-Mail me at MASHAHOCKEY@AOL.COM if you are interested. Tickets will be $13 each. I'm looking to get 20 or more people. The Gladiators have supported MASHA for years. They have supplied Hat's for a few of our Championship games and let us set up an information table at Gwinnett Arena a few times each season. So lets get together and support our local Hockey team.


Monday, June 09, 2008

Hockey Gods again!

Well yes, the Hockey Gods won the title again! We are so used to see them win that we lost the count of how many times they actually won it all; Although we suspect that their captain knows...

After much speculation about the presence of "their god" for game 3, Hockey Gods was able to count on Haynes to rain on Camel's parade by beating them 5-4 in very difficult conditions (it was at the very least 95 degrees!!!).

Camel took an early 3-0 lead but the storm was just about to begin... The Gods scored 5 unanswered goals until the last 2 minutes of play, at which time Camel scored on a power play to make it 5-4. Camel pulled their goalie with 90 seconds left with a crucial face-off in the Gods' zone but they were unable to tie the game before the buzzer.

Congrats to the Hockey Gods for their title.

See you next fall and don't forget, Tuesday night league start July 1st!

Montcalm trepeats!!!

Montcalm took the Championship this weekend by beating the Wrath 4-0 under 90 degree weather... Montcalm therefore wins the title for the 3rd consecutive time.

Thanks to everybody for participating this season and we hope to see you again next fall. We hope to start the fall season after Labor Day.

The Tuesday Night League will start a new season on July 1st. Send me an e-mail if you're interested to play this summer at

Enjoy your summer and be safe!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Hole in the Wall Fox TV Try Outs


John and I were sent an e-mail from a casting agent looking for people to try out for a new TV show called Hole in the Wall. Here's some information below.

I work for Fremantle Media, the production company responsible for American Idol, America's Got Talent, and The Price Is Right, and I'm casting a new Prime time game show for FOX called "Hole in the Wall". The reason I'm contacting you all is because I'm looking for some hockey players that might be interested in appearing on the show.

Here is a little information first. This game has been sweeping the globe over the last few years and is finally making its way to American television after being a huge success in over 15 countries. FremantleMedia and FOX are coming to Atlanta next week looking for teams of 3 to compete on the show. To see how the game is played, check out our casting flyer on YouTube, located at .

Contestants must assemble a team of 3 people, preferably with interesting and unique team dynamics and/or themes (like members of the same hockey team, for example). Teams of varying shapes and sizes are being cast, and all team members must be 18 years of age and US citizens.

We have an open casting call set for Saturday, June 14th from 10-5pm at the Marriott Atlanta Perimeter Center, but we're also pre-scheduling interviews with teams on Friday, June 13th as well. Is this something you'd be interested in? I'd love to get a few of your league members to meet with our casting directors.

For more information, you can visit FOX at or call our Casting Hotline at (800) 846-5386. Please don't hesitate to call or write with any questions. Thanks much.

JD Myers
Casting Associate
FOX's "Hole in the Wall"

FremantleMedia North America / Krasnow Production
(818) 655-5308 office

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Championship weekend!!!

Hey guys,

We will finally finish our season this weekend. Here is the schedule:

8h00 Montcalm vs Wrath (Montclam leads 1-0)
9h15 Camel Toe vs Hockey Gods (Tied 1-1)
10h30 Wrath vs Montcalm (if necessary)

Also, we have the Tuesday Night League starting a new season on July 1st!!! Just drop me an e-mail to sign-in at

See you Sunday!

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