Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MASHA D1 and D2 Championship series starts
THIS Sunday December 2nd!


Jeff Pare's #1
face off against
Steve Fogel's
highly touted

Mike Stephenson's
Reigning Champion
face off against
Sean McKaharay's
over-achieving underdog

These are BEST of THREE series so be ready for
some GREAT action as these teams battle it out for
the D1 and D2 championships!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

MASHA Playoffs start this Sunday Nov. 18th!

The PLAYOFFS are here and there's been ONE change in the schedule!
Here's the updated schedule for this Sundays games!

These games are SINGLE ELIMINATION and the winners goes to the Division Championship series (Best of 3) NEXT weekend!

9am: D1 #2 HOCKEYGODS vs. D1 #3 TOE
10:15am: D2 #1 WRATH vs. D2 #4 RANGERS
11:30am: D2 #2 MONTCALM vs. D2 #3 HEADHUNTERS

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Week #10! The final week of the regular season is HERE!

Here's the games for this Sunday November 11th!
The races are STILL close in both D1 and D2!
So make sure you get your WHOLE squad out there for the games this Sunday!!!

Nov 11th 2007

9:00 Wrath vs Head Hunters

10:15 Hockey Gods vs Nordiques

11:30 Firebirds vs Camel Toe

12:45 Montcalm vs Rangers

Thursday, November 01, 2007

MASHA games for Sunday Nov. 4th

It's getting colder every weekend...and we're breaking out the PINK balls...
so winter is NOT far away!
We're into Week #8 of the season and
Day Light Saving Time starts Sun. nite so be sure you set your clock BACK an hour
before you go to bed Saturday night or you're going to be REALLY early to your games Sunday morning!
Here's the schedule for this Sunday
November 4th 2007

9:00 Nordiques vs Rangers
10:15 Hockey Gods vs Camel Toe
11:30 Wrath vs Montcalm’s
12:45 Head Hunters vs Firebirds

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