Thursday, March 08, 2007

Tom "69"!!!

Unlike fellow MASHA players who SAY they'll retire but NEVER quite make it official
(Horrell and Gumby to name a few...)
cagey aging veteran Tom "69" Gramling has decided to hang up his MYLECs while he's still at the bottom of his career. Though his beloved HEADHUNTERS are in the midst of a resurrgence after a TRAGIC Fall 2006 season, Gramling's tumultous personal life has kept him from playing a single game this season. Though he refused to talk about his personal demons, he did say that were it not for the terms of his probation he WOULD have been out there on the rink for the HEADHUNTERS this season.
Vaya Con Dios old're one of the "Good Guys" of MASHA and will always remembered fondly in our hearts. Just stay away from our kids, O.K.?


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