Thursday, March 08, 2007

MASHA games for Sunday March 11th!

Greetings MASHA fans!

Unfortunately we're ALMOST at the end of our tenure at GSC, but we've still got a bunch of VERY good games this weekend AND

the ATLANTA CUP National Streethockey tournament
coming up NEXT Weekend March 17th, 18th!

Sean McKaharay has done a TREMENDOUS amount of work in getting this tournament together so JUST before you cross-check him to the floor during a game, give him a hearty slap-on-the-back in thanks for the monumental effort he's put into getting the ATLANTA CUP back on the North American Streethockey map!

Here's the games for THIS Sunday...
March 11 2007
8:00 Firebirds vs Rangers
9:15 Haynes Stains vs Nordiques
10:30 Montcalm's vs Head Hunters
11:45 Wrath vs Camel Toe


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