Friday, February 09, 2007

MASHA Sunday League games for Feb. 11, 2007!

Here's the schedule for THIS Sunday Feb. 11th...

Feb. 11 2007

8:00 Haynes Stains vs Montcalm's
9:15 Camel toe vs Nordiques
10:30 Wrath vs Head Hunters
11:45 Rangers vs Firebirds

Thursday, February 01, 2007

MASHA League fees are due THIS Sunday Feb. 4th!

All players must have their $120 league fee paid by THIS Sunday Feb. 4th or they will be ineligible to play until they are paid.

Games for this Sunday Feb. 4th...Super Bowl Sunday!!!

Here's the MASHA games for this Sunday Feb. 4th...

Feb. 4, 2007
8:00 Wrath vs Firebirds
9:15 Pimps vs Nordiques
10:30 Rangers vs Montcalm's
11:45 Camel toe vs Head Hunters

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