Thursday, August 17, 2006

MASHA ALL STAR game TONITE Friday August 18th at 8pm at GSC!

Hey MASHA players,

Don't forget the ALL STAR game is FRIDAY AUGUST 18th at 8pm at Atlanta Silverbacks Sports Center!

Hey MASHA ALL-STARS and D1 and D2 players!

The MASHA Summer 2006 All Star Game is set for TOMORROW, Friday Nite August 18th from 8pm-10pm at Atlanta Silverbacks Sports Center in Suwanee!

This will be a regular 3 12 minute period game with

There will be FREE Pizza and Beer Provided for everyone and I'm working on getting a skills competition in IF we have time and I can get my hands on the stuff needed to make it happen.

I'm also working on a special guest appearance by some of the Local Lethal Ladies of ATLANTA ROLLER GIRLS ( ) who may drop by and demostrate the flying body drop and beat up an All Star or two!

Here's the UPDATED All Star list...if you haven't responded yet, PLEASE do so IMMEDIATELY so if you're unable to play, another highly touted player can replace you!

MASHA All Stars
Summer 2006 Sunday League

Honorary Captain: Bob Merry
Ron Freeman: RANGERS #1

Jeff Pare: TH #55
Dan Mathewson: TH #-1
Jeff Escott: DS #19
Terry Lawrence: WRATH #58
Steve Fogel: FIREBIRDS #21 (replaces Greg W.)
Rory Donnerstag: RANGERS #88

Scott Vagincourt: FIREBIRDS #19 (replaces Matt L.)
Mark McAuley: DS #9
Jim Leeper: DS not responded yet...
Greg Wirth: WRATH not responded yet...

Honorary Captain: Mike Haynes
Doug Ferguson: BLADES/FIREBIRDS #1

Chris Haynes: PIMPS #8
Keith Horrell: HEADHUNTERS #37
Rodger Lawrence: BLADES #58
Dave Goodson: PIMPS #? (replacing K. Garwood)
Bobby Frohmiller: PIMPS/FIREBIRDS #?
Tom "69" Gramling: HEADHUNTERS #69

Larry Manning: BLADES#?
Kyle Mundt: PIMPS #5
Steve Luce: HEADHUNTERS #7
Mike Jennings: PIMPS/FIREBIRDS #?

The D1 Draft will take place right after the ALL STAR GAME...

Here's the set up I've discussed with Jeff...

Each D1 captain chooses 3 players to protect for his team
which means each of the 4 D1 teams will start out with 4 players...then draft the rest of his team from the D1 draft list. There will be a limited amount of rounds so that each team has at least 12 or 13 we won't have any of these 5 on 5 D1 games we've had in the past. So not everyone who signs up for the D1 draft is guaranteed to be picked.

Trades can be made, whether before the draft is done or after. We'll pull #'s from pile to see the draft order and do it just like Tues. Nite league draft.

Every team must draft the same amount of players. The captains can agree to how many rounds the draft should go, but we want at LEAST 12 guys drafted to each team this season.

We also need a certain minimum amount of guys on each team because we came up WAY short of funds this season due to the over 20 players that bailed out at some point during the season without paying.

If anyone has any questions about the All Star Game or the D1 draft please drop me an email or give me a call!


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