Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Salute to Bob Merry...Great American

When you see Bob Merry this Sunday at the BLADES game or Tuesday night during the playoffs, make sure you take a moment and wish him well and thank him defending our freedom. Bob is a member of the Army Reserves and this week he'll be heading out to Ft. Hood for 3 weeks then onto Iraq to help them train their army.

Bob has been a MASHA player for as long as I can remember and he survived a terrible car wreck a few years ago to return to MASHA playing better than ever.

Bob is the epitomy of his nickname "Charlie Hustle"...he's balls to the wall every shift he's out there and gives it everything he has every game. I know every captain in MASHA would want Bob on his team.

I know we ALL wish Bob Merry well as he heads out to serve our country and we look forward to his return to MASHA when his tour is over.

All the best from your friends in MASHA're in our thoughts and prayers.

Thanks for being a GREAT AMERICAN!


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