Saturday, February 18, 2006

MASHA PLAYOFFS continue this Sunday Feb. 19th!

Hey MASHA players and fanatics,

Our MASHA games this Sunday Feb. 19th feature two EPIC battles!

At 10:00am the D1 Federal League Championship series begins with Keith Horrell's DIRTY SANCHEZ facing off against Steve Fogel's PIMPS! This is sure to be a CLASSIC series and could go 3 games as these two teams match up VERY well!
Streethockey News columnist Skip Vasquez reports that this series could come down to the play of ONE player...Thomas "TEABAG" David, the gangly, goggled unsung hero of the SANCHEZ...

At 11:30am the D2 IRON LEAGUE Semi-finals game #3 where Sean "Silky Johnson" McKaharay's "Never Say Die" RANGERS could pull off the upset of 2006 if they get the win vs. Brandon Ross' #1 rated WRATH squad. The WRATH won game #1 in O.T. 4-3 while the tenacious RANGERS took game #2 3-1. This series could come to which players step up and put the ball in the net for their teams! Mary Lefebre has been covered tightly by the RANGERS defense, but if she gets open the balls goin' in the net! For the RANGERS, if Scott "HOCKEYGOD" Vaillancourt gets his shots ON NET like he did last week in the D1 Federal League semi-finals then the WRATH are in for a LONG game!

Either way, it's gonna be some GREAT streethockey!

See you there!


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