Wednesday, November 16, 2005

REJECTS and FURY take top spots in INDOOR WAR 6 on Nov. 5th!

INDOOR WAR 6 MASHA vs. BLUEGRASS Streethockey was a smashing success with the REJECTS and FURY going to the FINAL shooter in the O.T. shootout to decide the WINNER!
Cagey aging veteran Scott Lawrence scored the ONLY GOAL of the game in the shootout to lead the REJECTS to victory! A GREAT time was had by all the Kentucky and Atlanta players and the underdog FBC HIGHLIGHTERS pulled the upset of the tourney beating the seemingly unstoppable PIMPS in the playoffs!
Thanks again to everyone that participated especially the dedicated Ky. contingent led by Barry P. and Jeff D. who drove 7 hours each way to get to the tourney and STILL made it to church the next morning despite the long ride and a couple of tornadoes!


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