Sunday, August 21, 2005

MASHA Youth Streethockey league in the works...

Hey MASHA players and their families...

We've been inundated with emails from parents looking for a streethockey/ballhockey league for their kids over the past year. Eric Simpson and John Weigand of the HEADHUNTERS and RANGERS have been running informal streethockey leagues in Marietta and Alpharetta, respectively, for several years now so MASHA is looking into starting a small youth streethockey league in the North Cobb Cty. area. If you have kids or know of kids that are interested in playing in an organized streethockey league, please contact us and we'll forward info to their parents!
The MASHA youth league players of today are the FUTURE superstars of the MASHA adult leagues!

MASHA Western Division coming soon?

Hey MASHA players who live on the west side of Atlanta (Cobb, Cherokee, Douglas etc.),

MASHA looks as though we may have ENOUGH guys on the west side of town to start a small league at a local rink (possibly at HOCKEYTIME USA in Woodstock, if I can work out a deal with them) on Thursday nites and NOT drain the main MASHA league. We've lost some guys recently because of travel concerns to the east side rinks, and we're trying to keep as many guys in MASHA as possible AND expand our player base as well. From the feedback we've been getting, a MASHA Western division is looking very probable in the near future. More info as it becomes available...

MASHA will be playing EXCLUSIVELY at ASSC sports complex in Suwanee, Ga. starting in the Fall of 2005!

Hey MASHA players,

Due to the weather conditions this year and a vote by the players, MASHA has decided to move our whole league INDOORS at the Atlanta Silverbacks Sports Center in Suwanee, Ga. starting with the Fall 2005 season. The Tues. Nite draft league returned to ASSC/GSC this season after a season at P'ville and the turnout has been alot better and more players are signing up each season. We realize we WILL lost some players in this move and to them we are sincerely sorry because you've stuck with MASHA through the lean years. But we're already getting new players signing up, and going indoors means NO MORE RAINOUTS!!! That alone is well worth the move in most players opinions.

The ATLANTA CUP is coming!!!

The ATLANTA CUP returns to the dekhockey circuit this fall...on Sept. 24-25 MASHA streethockey will be hosting the ATLANTA CUP at the Atlanta Silverbacks Sports Center in Suwanee, Ga.
Depending on how many teams sign up (there has been ALOT of interest and teams from across the Southeast and North America have inquired about signing up) we will probably have an upper and a lower division. We have the ASSC/GSC rink 12 hours Sat. and 10 hours Sun. so there's gonna be ALOT of streethockey going on! Email me for more info @

ATLANTA ATTACK Masha travel team at BEACH BASH in Ocean City, Md. this weekend!

That's right MASHA hockey fans, the MASHA travel team, the ATLANTA ATTACK is playing in the BEACH BASH streethockey tournament in Ocean City, Md. this weekend!
Offense: Chris Haynes, Kris Bough, Chris Yon, Jeff Pare, Bob Merry and Keith Horrell
Defense: Matt Leslie, Radek Horak, Dave Bombardier, Sean McKaharay
Goal: Larry Johnson and Rick Cohen
The ATTACK went 1-1 on Sat. losing to Raleigh Dekhockey and beating a Pittsburgh team!
Keep the guys on the squad in your hearts, minds and prayers and wish them luck in Sunday's games! Make MASHA proud guys!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Playoffs Begin Tuesday

The playoffs start on the 23rd for the Tuesday league. Here's the schedule:

Playoff: August 23rd
8:00 Camel Toe vs. Bad Lawyers
9:15 Northern Exposure vs. Teabagless

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