Saturday, April 23, 2005

MASHA Summer 2005 Leagues and Tournaments!

Lots of MASHA Streethockey action coming up this Summer! Our Tuesday Night Draft League will be held up at Gwinnett Sports Center (aka Atlanta Silverbacks Sports Center) in Suwanee (IF we get 60+ players signed up!!!) The Tuesday Night Draft League will cost $100 per player. Our Weekend Team League will be held on Sunday Nights at Pinckneyville Park in Norcross and you can sign up as an individual or as a team. The Sunday Night League will cost $65 per player. We've also got several Tournaments and Ironmans coming up! Friday May 6th will be our first 2005 INDOOR WAR Ironman tourney up at will be a D2/D3 tourney and each team can have 1 D1 caliber player on their roster. 2 weeks later on May 20th we'll be holding our D1 INDOOR WAR with the usual gang of cutthroat topnotch players out there tearing up the rink! Sat. and Sun. June 11th and 12th we'll be sending teams up to Kentucky for the DYNASTY CUP tourney sponsored by the Bluegrass Streethockey League. This is a D2/D3 tourney and we currently have teams from the WRATH and HEADHUNTERS making the 5 hour trip northwest for the game! If you're interested in going please contact me ASAP! We've got at least 1 possibly 2 teams going up to the big Tournament in Ocean City, Maryland this August, so contact me or Sean McKaharay if you're interested in going whether to play or just hit the beach and watch some great streethockey action! We're working on getting the ATLANTA CUP tourney going again and it's scheduled for Sept. 2005...more details to follow...We ALMOST sent a team over to the United Kingdom this week for a combo roller/streethockey tourney but everthing was last minute and we could not get enough guys signed by the cut-off time...but we've been invited to send a team or 2 over later this year or early next year for a tourney! More info on our international trip as it becomes available...Thanks again for your continued support of the Metro Atlanta Street Hockey Association! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions you can always contact me, John GUMBY! McLaughlin via email: or by phone: 404-713-7188! We're working on a new registration page for the website as well as getting a PAYPAL account going again so players can pay online...we're also working on getting a PICTURES page going so we can post pics of league action, players and their if you got some good MASHA photos, send them my way and we'll get them posted! Keep your sticks down and your heads up!


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